Reis Trucking has been providing excavation services on Nantucket since 1955.  Over the years, the size and scope of our excavation business has grown, as has our fleet of excavation equipment and our cadre of skilled operators and construction supervisors.  Our experience portfolio is extensive and includes:

  • General Site Work, including land clearing, site preparation, roto-tilling, filling and rough grading, final grading
  • Full scope subdivision infrastructure construction
  • Cellar Holes
  • Septic System Installation and Repair (see separate Service Description)
  • Utility trenching and sewer and water connection
  • Driveway construction and repair
  • Road Construction, including grading and maintenance
  • Water Main Installation and Testing
  • Sewer Main Installation, testing and Interconnection
  • House jacking & basement excavation
  • Projects

Our projects range from the simplest driveway repair to full scope excavation for some of the island’s largest commercial and residential projects.  Please take a look at our portfolio of projects to get an idea of the kinds of projects we have completed in the recent past.

Knowledge and Experience

It has been said there is no substitute for experience, and we couldn’t agree more.  Our core excavation team has a remarkable depth of hands on field experience on Nantucket.  We know the soil types, where there are ground water problems and how to deal with them, how the weather might impact a given project, and how best to sequence the excavation portions of your project to minimize cost and avoid costly delays and/or rework.  We take pride in our reputation for sharing our knowledge with customers and collaborating with other contractors working on the job to achieve the best and lowest cost result.  Give us an opportunity to help and we will deliver results.