Reis Trucking has been in business on Nantucket since 1955 and is the oldest and largest waste disposal company on the island.  Many of our commercial customers, such as restaurants and hotels, produce sufficient volume to require caster mounted dumpsters that are serviced by packer trucks, while the typical office may only produce a few bags of paper trash per day.  We are able to tailor our service to suit the needs of any customer, large or small.

Waste Separation and Recycling

The Town of Nantucket has a strong waste separation and recycling bylaw requiring that recyclable items, including glass, plastic and metal food and beverage containers as well as cardboard and other categories of waste be separated from the typical kitchen/office/guest room waste stream and deposited in designated areas at the Nantucket landfill.  To facilitate compliance with these regulations, most commercial customers are serviced by several specialized trucks for ordinary trash, cardboard and recycling.  Waste separation rules for commercial customers can be found under the  Information tab.


Our commercial rubbish trucks are on the road 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  During the peak season, we service our busiest hotel and restaurant accounts twice per day, once in the morning and once late in the afternoon.  Whether your business needs two pickups per day or as few as one pickup per week, we can accommodate your needs.

Miscellaneous Debris

Items that are not typical trash or recyclables (mops, brooms, rubber mats, milk crates, wood or metal items, etc,) should not be placed in the regular waste containers, but left in the open in the trash area where we can see them and deal with them in the appropriate manner.  Twice per week, we run a dedicated truck to deal with miscellaneous debris generated by our commercial customers.  If you have a large amount of miscellaneous debris or things that have to go right away, you can call the office for a special pickup.  The Town of Nantucket charges a tipping fee for virtually all miscellaneous items, with some categories of debris charged by the ton and others, such as a TV or mattress, charged by the item.  The Information tab includes a link to the Department of Public Works listing of tipping fees for each type of miscellaneous debris.  We will endeavor to keep your trash area neat and clear of debris.  PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO LEAVE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT TO BE THROWN AWAY IN YOUR TRASH AREA.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste cannot be disposed of at the Nantucket Landfill and therefore cannot be mixed in with your regular trash or taken away on your regular pickup day.  All commercially generated hazardous waste is subject to disposal fees payable to the Town’s hazardous waste disposal contractor, Clean Harbors.  Such waste can only be disposed of at the DPW facility on Madaket Rd (not the Landfill), and only on 4 specific Saturday dates throughout the year when Clean Harbors is on site to collect these materials safely in accordance with the State and Federal law.  Please call the office when you have such items, which include oil based paints, pesticides, and similar common household items, and we will do our best to assist in the disposal of your hazardous materials..  Please note that latex based paint is not a hazardous material and once the paint is dried up (kitty litter is a handy way to accomplish this) and if the lids are left off the cans, we can dispose of the cans as metal.  Please check the Information tab for more details on Nantucket’s Hazardous Waste disposal program.